Natural Lightness

Natural Lightness – supports digestion and weight lose.

Systematic intake of this dietary supplement will:
– detox your system,
– lower the levels of LDL and cholesterol,
– regenerate and strengthen your body,
– improve the digestion.
All the above factors will have direct effect on your body weight and will facilitate the weight lose.

Hibiscus (flower of the Sudanese mallow) is an extremely valuable source of natural vitamin C as well as calcium, other vitamins and mineral salts.
It stimulates metabolism, limits the intestinal absorption, strengthens the liver and cleanses the body. In African folk medicine it is believed that it possesses some anti-bacterial and diuretic properties, therefore it prevents water retention within human body. The flower of hibiscus also posses blood pressure lowering properties, and the polysaccharides it contains strengthen the immune system of the body. It also posses calming properties, therefore soothes any irritation.

Black elder fruit
The black elder fruit possesses diaphoretic, diuretic, slightly laxative and analgesic properties as well as anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a so-called blood cleansing remedy as it removes (along with sweat and urine) all the toxins and all the harmful products of metabolism.

Nettle stimulates the whole body as well as it regenerates, strengthens and replenishes elements indispensable such as vitamins and minerals. It has been confirmed that it influences the production of the hemoglobin and red blood cells, prevents hemorrhage in capillaries, and it lowers the blood pressure by relaxation of smooth muscles of the blood vessels. It also has positive influence on the digestive system, stimulates production of internal gastric liquids, improves digestion and intake of various foods, has anti-inflammatory attributes within the digestive system and considerably lowers the sugar levels.
Nettle leaf finds application in treating blood diseases, anemia, leukemia, stomach, bowel and nose bleeding, in problems connected to blood pressure, in cases of shrinking of blood vessels including coronaries, in cases of arteriosclerosis and heart failures. It is also used as a cleanser in cases of bad metabolism, in allergies, in malfunctioning of kidneys, inflammation of urinary system and it also used as a strengthening factor in cases of fatigue, exhaustion, migraines, being prone to states of exhaustion connected to the fact of over-working. Nettle has been also confirmed to be successful in the process of convalescence due to recent illnesses, and also in cases of states of weakness and in cases of frequent infections of various types.

Artichoke possesses strengthening, regenerating and protective qualities that affect the liver. It also removes toxins and has anti-diabetics, clearing, anti-sclerosis, cholesterol and fats lowering qualities.

Chicory root
The chicory root stimulates all the secretive functions of the stomach and liver, possesses antibacterial and limited diuretic properties. It is used in cases of hampered digestion, excessive fermentation, deficiency of hydrochloric acid and pepsin in the stomach and in cases of general emaciation, states of weakness caused by dyspepsia, and in cases of liver damage caused by toxic substances.

Anise makes the processes of digestion easier and it also soothes cases of flatulence. It also stimulates mucous membranes and is considered as an expectorant in case of throat and bronchia catarrh. Moreover, anise soothes the symptoms of bowel colic especially in case of small children and infants as well as in case of elder people. It is also proved to posses anti-bacterial and anti-cramp properties as well as anti-rheumatic properties.

  • CLIENT apple, strawberry fruit, hibiscus flower, elder fruit, nettle herb, artichoke flower, chicory root, anise fruit
  • YEAR single bag’s weight = 3g (20 bags)