Rhodiola Rosea Root

Rhodiola rosea root
In folk medicine (mainly in Russia and Scandinavia) rhodiola rosea root (another name for “golden root”) is used primarily to enhance physical fitness, to treat fatigue, depression, disorders of nervous system function and in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, infectious diseases and many others.
Pharmacological activity studies of the rhodiola rosea root, carried out on models in vitro and in vivo and in clinical conditions, showed an anxiolytic, reducing the damage caused by hypoxia (hypoxia), antioxidants, improving sexual function, antitumor activity and immuno-stimulating and enhancing physical fitness.
Scientists have classified Rhodiola, a powerful adaptogen, which is a natural product that increases the body’s ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions. Adaptogen affects the non-specific response of the organism, increasing the resistance to stress induced by physical, chemical and biological factors. When a person is fully healthy and adapted to the stress, adaptogen calls only minimal positive effect. The fullness of its actions will be revealed in a person with reduced adaptive capacity.
Stress causes deterioration of memory. Rhodiola rosea root, by increasing resistance to physical and emotional stress, has a positive effect on memory and cognition (memorizing and learning).
Research for the group of patients with symptoms of obsessive asthenia and symptoms of neurosis showed positive effects of the Rhodiola on the activity of these diseases. In patients noted a decrease in fatigue, weakness, irritability, improve concentration and elimination of headaches and other adverse autonomic symptoms. Some of the symptoms attributed to asthenia overlap with other disease entities, including depression, neurosis or symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Researchers in the study groups pointed to the increase in general terms of better well-being and mental fitness. They observed an increase in mental performance, physical endurance, while reducing fatigue and anxiety.
Research carried out on a group of doctors working on a night duty for the analysis of mental fatigue associated with cognitive functions, such as pairing, thinking, short term memory, concentration and speed of audiovisual perception showed that in the group treated with Rhodiola there has been a significant improvement in the undertaken mental activities.
Many studies conducted on athletes showed that Rhodiola improves physical strength and endurance of the body, significantly reducing the time needed to rest between periods of intense exercise.
Researchers have also demonstrated cardioprotective activity of the Rhodiola which includes heart protection against stress factors causing damage (free radicals) and includes a reduction in the level of catecholamines (NE, DA) and reducing the secretion besides reducing the level of cAMP in the myocardium. In addition, Rhodiola activates opioid receptors with-in the myocardium, which protect the heart against arrhythmia. Under conditions of stress or physical exertion comes to increased heart rate. Rhodiola rosea, improves the function of the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems, during a stressful situation, increases energy reserves of the heart muscle.
The use of Rhodiola rosea:

  • Chronic stress;
  • Depression;
  • Cardiac arrhythmia;
  • Malaise;
  • Damage to the heart caused by ischemia – prevention (strengthens the heart, prevents ischemia);
  • Liver damage caused by the action of toxins;
  • Frigidity (increases the sexual vitality of both sexes);
  • Increase potency;
  • Reduced physical capacity;
  • Weakened immune resistance;
  • Asthenia (decreased ability to work, irritability, fatigue);
  • Neurological diseases (alternative);
  • Geriatric disorders, aging;
  • Tumors (active ingredients Rhodiola prevent cell damage caused by free radicals and mutagenic agents, allow repair of DNA damage, inhibit the activity of low and medium mutagens).

Rhodiola rosea root causing homeostasis in the body introduces balance in the endocrine system and the immune system and, consequently, increases the body’s resistance to any negative external factors, including stress. In addition, significantly increases the effectiveness of physical training, reduces fatigue, improves overall mental and physical, increases strength, allows for efficient use of metabolic reserves. It is also an excellent remedy for impotence.

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